Friday, November 27, 2009

The Kingdom of Robot

Reading an article about International Robot Exhibition 2009 in Tokyo reminds about 'The secret of Karakuri', an event by Japan Foundation in Sydney November last year. No doubt! Japan is the Kingdom of Robot, just name it: industrial robot, house hold robot, pet robot, chef robot, cute humanoid and the list still goes on. Among all of those stunning hi-tech invention, the Robo-chef is my favorite one, sounds like I really am a foodie?

(Okonomiyaki robot, picture courtesy of : Mainichi)
This Okonomiyaki robot demonstrates its ability to cook Okonomiyaki during the International Robot Exhibition 2009 in Tokyo on Nov.25, 2009. The robot, which has 15 joints, can take verbal orders from customers and use standard kitchen utensil.

Japan's Kawada Industries Inc.'s newly developed industrial robot 'Next Age' cuts ribbon with honored guests at the opening of the International Robot Exhibition 2009, the latest robo event organized by Japan Robot Association. (picture courtesy of AFP photo)

Japanese engineer Tomotaka Takahashi introduces the new robot 'Ropid', the fastest runner and best jumper, 'Ropid' also responds to voice commands, with either action or speech. (picture courtesy of AFP photo)

Only in Japan..


miwango said...

The robot that makes okonomiyaki is great!!XD But...the person who makes it has each important point in how to make okonomiyaki, and we have the enjoyment that makes it:D ...So don't deprive us of the enjoyment!lol

Rashai said...

Miwa-san, I enjoy cooking okonomiyaki too..:)