Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hokkaido Corn

This morning I went to Padys market and found interesting juicy looking corns, what so special about this corn? While the normal corn sold as 'sweet corn', but this un-normal corn labelled as 'super sweet corn', the corn looks a bit different with a few white kernels among the yellow ones, that's way in some country they call it 'pearl corn' as the white kernel looks like a pearl.

Pearl corns

The above corns I found this morning reminds me of corns I tried in Otaru last year-end.
Hokkaido corn, that's what it's called in Japan since it's a special and premium produce from Hokkaido. The Hokkaido corn is famous for its sweetness and even local people say that we can eat the corn raw and tastes so sweet. Steamed or roasted? Try the slightly roasted corn smothered with butter and soy sauce, a really tasty combination, heard that's the favorite way to eat the corns in Hokkaido. I proved myself that this favorite food in Hokkaido has an outstanding sweetness

Hokkaido corns sold on the streets of Otaru

Ready to eat Hokkaido corns in Otaru


grub said...

yum corn! have trouble eating them since i have braces on..

i tried roasting them over the stove top fire then got told off by my parents since they said the gas fire is poisonous..hehe

i got an idea from your photos you took in Otaru. maybe ill wrap them in foil and grill them on the pan next time.

gulf said...

the Hokkaido corns look very big.Did you taste the 'super sweet corn'? yummy? In our place,I like a corn called 'American sweet corn',very sweet and it has a smell of milk,hah..but some old people like another kind of corn, a native corn,very sticky and not very sweet.can you imagine? PS:I have seen a kind of strange corn,purple corn,ha,I hope one day I can taste the purple pop corn.

Rashai said...

Grub, my parents told me not to use gas too. It's a good idea to use the foil wrap but you still need to wait till you get rid of your brace, don't you? :)

Gulf, the super sweet corn does taste sweet but not as sweet as the one I tried in Otaru :) Purple corn? I think you should try it and share the picture on your blog, it's very interesting.