Thursday, April 22, 2010

Edelweiss Chocolate

It's not a Japan or Japanese food-related post, just about an irresistible liquor-filling chocolate I found recently. I was browsing around Melbourne airport to kill the time before boarding my flight back to Sydney and came across this 'World of Chocolate' shop around international departure terminal. I love chocolate! So can't help buying one for myself, the Edelweiss liquor filling chocolate is the most interesting one for me. It's a smooth milky chocolate with crunchy filling and smooth liquor, an Edelweiss liquor. This product of Swiss costs $17 for a small pack of 12 pieces.

Edelweiss liquor chocolate

If you are not familiar with Edelweiss, you can find it in Wikipedia


grub said...

hohoho talk about killer price in the airports!

Rashai said...

Yes Grub,that's why normally I don't shop in the airport but sometimes you come across something that you couldn't find anywhere else. :)

Miss Zane said...

Ohoho.. Swiss' chocolate is sth else!!

Rashai said...

Miss Zane, glad to hear from you :) I have been unable to contact you on FB, hope you are doing well
Cheers my lil fella .. :)