Saturday, May 1, 2010


I had been busy with a few stressful things needs to be sorted out yet I managed to escape to a small nice town of Port Macquarie in the mid north coast region of NSW last weekend. Nothing much to do apart beaches, tomato and strawberry farm, wineries, and Timbertown. What's that Timbertown? Well it's sort of large theme park, actually it's an entire village of an authentic heritage township located in Wauchope, about 20 minutes drive from Port Macquarie downtown. It's a unique village where you can experience life in the 1880's where the bullocks team still hauls its heavy load and steam powered sawing machine still working. You'll need $5 only for the admission fee, enjoy free wine tasting in the cellar and if you'd like to bring home a bottle or two it costs around $10-$15 per bottle.

The entrance to Timbertown

The steam train

Three-holer Dunny

The bullocks transporting heavy timbers

A bottle of local wine I brought home

Besides Timbertown, there is a Ricardoes tomatoes and strawberries farm located about 10 minutes drive from Port Macquarie downtown. Unfortunately we were not allowed to go inside the tomato farm but we still can go into the strawberry farm and pick the strawberry we'd like to buy.

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