Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eating is fun!

My love for Japanese food is not merely for their great taste, freshness and healthiness but also for their creativity in decorating and presenting the food which makes eating is more fun. I am always fascinated with any Japanese food, not only sushi and sashimi or bento box, but also the light meal such as Japanese-style sandwich or burger. One day we found a book about decorating bread meal including burger or sandwich style on the shelf in Kinokuniya, actually they call it 'mook', between magazine and book. This 'mook' is in Japanese with no english at all but it's very easy to understand and follow the steps in creating delightful light meals made from bread, sausage, ham etc. One thing is I don't know the title nor the author but I found this mook sold on rakuten for 980 yen and it's called 'Heart for sand painting and set pretty big pan', not sure whether it's a proper translation since I only use google translate :) After browsing around, found two cool foodie blogs that may belong to the authors, Momoka and Ichigo.

Here is the mook:

One of the funny birthday breads on the book

And here is one of our creations , well I should say my wife's creation, she did the best for this :)

I call it 'tanning crab', copied from the book


grub said...

wow the crab bread is cute:) the one made into a bread bus is amazing! but looks very time consuming as well

Rashai said...

Thanks Grub! I'd love to make that bread bus but as you said, I'll need extra patience for that :)

nonchan said...

Yes, eating is fun!
But I might eat too much recently.

I want to keep these works, not eat!

gulf said...

hah~ so cute. I also want to get a book like this because I'd like to spend my time on this beautiful things^^
PS: rashai~ how are you this days?:)
I was a little busy for some tests recently, but now I finally have a break.

Rashai said...

Nonchan, just eat healthy food then :)

Gulf, I am fine Gulf thanks, so now you can start making beautiful food :) and taking more pictures I guess?.. :)

Yuliana-Fun said...

wuaaahh lucunyaaa hehehe :) jadi ga tega buat dimakan :)

Rashai said...

Yup Fun, too cute to be eaten :)