Sunday, May 2, 2010

Silkworm Island at World Expo 2010

Yesterday I watched the broadcast of the opening ceremony of World Expo in Shanghai, and as predicted before it was a spectacular show with Jacky Chan and Andrea Bocelli among the performers and the expo itself considered as the biggest world fair ever.

Among hundreds of spectacular pavilions, Japan pavilion at World Expo in Shanghai is one of the most famous pavilions at the expo . The Japan pavilion is the largest overseas venue ever built by Japanese government. Nicknamed as 'purple silkworm island' with the symbol mark 'smile to smile, the Japan pavilion will have an estimated 3,000,000 visitors during expo. A robot violinist will make its debut in the second section in the pavilion. Other robots capable of taking care of the old will be on the show as well. After enjoying the exhibition, visitors also can enjoy top Japanese cuisine.

An artist impression of Japan pavilion at Shanghai World Expo.
(picture courtesy of Shanghai World Expo)


Yuliana-Fun said...

yuuhhuuuuu.... apa kabarnya? dah lama ga bersua hehehe :P
iya yak di shanghai lage ada pameran.. tiket juga ajubile mahalnya.. :)

Rashai said...

Yuhuuu Fun .. :)baek2 aja nih thanks, mo ikutan ke Shanghai jua? sayang daku udah ga ada sisa cuti lagi hi..hi..