Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A beautiful Okonomiyaki

I've got a few posts about Okonomiyaki, and here is another one, my latest Okonomiyaki from Ju Ge Mu and Shimbashi. First time I went to Ju Ge Mu and Shimbashi I tried their famous Soba and did plan to go back there for their Oknomiyaki. I rarely venture up north there only to find something to eat, but for Japanese food? furthermore it's Okonomiyaki, one of my favorite foods.

It was a beautiful Okonomiyaki! The most beautiful okonomiyaki I had to admit, even more beautiful than the ones I got in Japan, and it tastes great too! but if I have to choose, my favorite Okonomiyaki in town is still the one from Emon.

Beautiful Okonomiyaki

To accompany my seafood Okonomiyaki, I picked croquette set and a glass of Umeshu, my favorite Japanese wine.

Croquette set



miwango said...

I love Okonomiyaki! <3
That Ju Ge Mu and Shimbashi's is really beautiful! That's art :))

By the way, you said that you tried Soba first. Have you ever tired Modan-Yaki or Omu-Soba?



Modan-Yaki is Okonomiyaki plus Soba, and it's hearty meal. If you eat it, you will become full immediately :D

And Omusoba is rolls up Soba with a egg like a omelet :)

By the way, I will tell you mini trivia of Kansai-Jin. We eat Gohan(Rice) with Okonomiyaki for lunch or dinner :D It's common in Osaka, but Kanto-Jin thinks that it's very strange! hahaha.

If you have never tried Modanyaki or Omusoba, try them! :))

Rashai said...

About Modan-yaki, is that some kind of Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki? I have tried Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima and it looks like Modan-yaki, but I prefer Kansai style Okonomiyaki than Hiroshima one :)
As for Omusoba, I've never tried it before so I'll see if I can find it in Sydney.
You eat okonomiyaki with gohan? surprising me! but I'll have a try then :) Thanks for sharing!

miwango said...

Ahhh! It's similar very much, but Modan-yaki is not Horoshima-yaki. It's just Kansai style Okonomiyaki plus Soba :D

As for Hiroshima-yaki is the dough of the flour is thin, but, as for Kansai style, it is thick. So I prefer Kansai style, too :) Yay!

By the way, what kind of sauce do you like? I love sweet taste sauce. In Osaka, Otafuku-sauce is popular. And I add the mayonnaise! I don't want to eat Okonomiyaki without mayonnaise! lol The mayonnaise and sauce are important as much as that.

So if you tried Okonomiyaki with Gohan, you are a Osaka-jin since that time lol Welcome to Osakan World! :DDD