Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ju Ge Mu and Shimbashi

Ju Ge Mu and Shimbashi, the twin restaurant located at 246-248 Military Rd, Neutral Bay. They look like two separate shops from outside with two separate entrance next to each other but actually it's one restaurant split into two sections served by same staffs and one cashier counter. The Ju Ge Mu section specializes in teppanyaki menus with okonomiyaki as their signature dish, while Shimbashi focuses on their famous handmade soba yet they give you option with some other dishes on the menu as well.

I have heard about this famous quality restaurant but hadn't got a chance till last weekend when I decided to go for their famous soba. Since I am not so keen on cold noodle I picked the soba served with tofu in warm broth. The soba proves everything people say about their special soba, smooth texture and the chewiness is just perfect. Also tried the beef teriyaki set which comes in a generous portion with some tasty side dishes, slices of fresh sashimi, grilled fish, and some kind spring roll. The good thing is even you sit in Shimbashi section, you still can order from Ju Ge Mu section and vice versa.

Soba with tofu in warm broth

Soy sauce and chili powder set

I'd love to comeback to try their Okonomiyaki from Ju Ge Mu section and the great sake list including my favorite umeshu (plum wine).
It's not a place for you who are looking for an affordable casual dining considering the price.


草(sou) said...

Soba with tofu in warm broth(=kitune soba) seems to be very delicious:)
The restaurant is wonderful.

Zephyr said...

It looks like a wonderful place--and the food looks taaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty~! But yeah, it doesn't even look cheap, haha

Rashai said...

Thanks Sou, now I know the name, kitune soba. Yes it's a nice and authentic Japanese resto :)

Rashai said...

Zephyr, indeed it's not a cheap place :) still I am curious about their Okonomiyaki so I might be back to their teppan :)

Rashai said...

Zephyr, I am just wondering why my comment notification didn't work? That's why I missed out yours :)