Friday, March 5, 2010

Blue Mountain Coffee

Another story from my Japan trip, I have a best friend in Japan, he is the first Japanese friend I met and we've been traveling together almost every year over the past 5 years, he is really a great travelling companion. Wait, this post is about coffee not him! Ok, long story short, when we were hanging around and about to take a break, he asked me 'Have you ever tried Blue Mountain Coffee?' Nope, I replied, is that coffee from Australia? He laughed 'no, it has nothing to do with Sydney nor Australia' he said. It's just the most famous coffee in Japan. Then he tried to find that Blue Mountain Coffee and bought me a cuppa. It was a smooth, mild, aromatic, and just the best coffee I've ever tried! He didn't show me the bill so at that time I didn't know how 'much' that coffee costs.

Here are some facts about Blue Mountain Coffee:
- It's a classification of coffee grown in Blue Mountains of Jamaica.
- Best known for their mild flavor and lack of bitterness.
- It's one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world.
- Over 80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan.
- The flavor based of Tia Maria coffee liqueur.
(source: Wikipedia)

I've been trying to find this coffee in Australia, but no luck so far. It was a surprise when I found a Blue Mountain Coffee bread on the shelf of Bread Top bakery in the city. It's not my favorite bakery in town but I do love their Japanese white bread and Hokkaido cheesecake, the best cheesecake in town. So here it is the Blue mountain coffee bread from Bread Top bakery in Sydney:

Blue mountain coffee bread

Not sure whether they really use the Blue Mountain Coffee for this bread but it does taste nice with coffee cream filling and a hint of chocolate, enough to bring back my memory about 'the best coffee in Japan' even it's just a name they use to describe how special that Blue Mountain Coffee is.


michael whyte said...

Thank you very much for singing the praises of my beloved coffee. I am a Blue Mountain Coffee farmer. My family have been for three generations. There is a whole lot of love in every single bean that we produce. I have always known that we produce some of the best coffee in th world, but it wasn’t until I became computer literate and started going online that I realized just how cherished and appreciated our coffee really is. Thanks again

Rashai said...

Thank you Michael,
It's an honor to have a comment from the very first hand of the best coffee makers in the world. I do love your 'Blue Mountain Coffee', but unfortunately I have been unable to find it in Sydney. I had to ask my friend in Japan to buy your coffee for me. Would love to see your farm one day :)