Monday, March 1, 2010

Sushi Ice Cream

Actually it's not 'Sushi' ice cream, but 'Sooshi' ice cream from New Zealand Natural Ice cream. I knew this kind of 'sushi' since last year but I always said 'I'll try them next time..' every time I passed by their stall in the city. Eventually last weekend I gave them a shot, the six tiny ice cream served in small black container for $5.70.

The ice cream itself tastes good, the smooth texture and cool sensation with fruity taste melt on your tongue but there was a little disappointment, their shape were not as good as the picture. I was thinking if it was a product of Japan, they would make it looks like a perfect sushi. The Japanese art of dressing up the food is really adorable, a feast for our eyes yet a feast for our tastebuds.

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