Monday, March 8, 2010

Hiyashi Chuka

Hiyashi chuka, this popular summer dish is a kind of cold noodle made from chilled ramen served with colorful toppings. Popular toppings are tamagoyaki (layered grilled egg), ham, carrot, cucumber and ginger.
Restaurants in Japan serve Hiyashi Chuka only in summer, last week just before summer ended in the southern hemisphere, I went to Menya in Chinatown to try their new Hiyashi Chuka.
I rarely eat cold noodle since my favorite is ramen in hot tasty tonkotsu broth but I just love trying something new when it comes to Japanese food. Menya has two options of noodle for their hiyashi chuka, ramen or soba, definitely I chose ramen!

Hiyashi chuka from Menya Noodle Bar in Chinatown

My hiyashi chuka comes with bountiful toppings of veggies like cucumber, tomato, slices of tonkotsu, tamagoyaki and seaweed. I could taste the sesame oil, rice vinegar, and soy sauce on the tare sauce (dipping sauce). Wanna try this cold ramen noodle? You may need to wait till next summer then :)


Brad Farless said...

I'd try it if I could get it without mayonnaise. It really bothers me how often I find my food smothered with gobs of mayo since moving to Asia.

I do love a good, light noodle dish though. Alio oglio is one of my favorites, and I love ramen too, so this looks like something I'd definitely enjoy.

I read something recently that said that waiters in Japan kinda freak out if you request changes to the recipe, like asking for an item to be withheld or for something to be added. It had something to do with the concept that the chef knows better than the customer, since it's the chef's job to make good food.

Rashai said...

The original version of Hiyashi Chuka normally without mayo.

About requesting for changes on the dish in Japan, I'm not really sure but I've never experience that so far. I think that may apply to fancy restaurant where the chef has the ultimate authority perhaps? Or maybe the waitress just too worried of 'lost in translation' in dealing with foreigner? :)

Brad Farless said...

That's entirely possible. I can't remember for sure but I think the post that said that was written by a foreigner in Japan.

It would make sense that it was anyway. Not many Japanese would choose to write blog entries in English.

nonchan said...

It has been a long time since I wrote comment your blog.

I miss hiyashityuka. But now I want to eat hot ramen because it is cold here.

I will eat it after about 4 months.

Rashai said...

Hi Nonchan,
Please let me know your favorite ramen in Osaka. I love one small ramen restaurant around Namba but don't know the name.

nonchan said...

My favorite ramen are....神座(kamokura; 壺水天.
I love ramen:) Tonight I eat nice ramen at 壺水天!