Sunday, March 28, 2010


Nakashima Japanese restaurant, a small restaurant nestled in a leafy alleyway just across the Argyle steps of the Rocks. I've planned to visit this place a while ago and finally made my way to this authentic Japanese restaurant last weekend. As it was weekend, most of the tables have been reserved, yet they managed to open a small table for the two of us.

If you'd like to get a free complimentary drink for your dinner then just come and place your order between 6.00-7.00pm, you can choose either red wine, hot sake, or any soft drink available. We picked red wine and hot sake for us, the free drink is just one of their great services.

Red wine, hot sake and a glass of water

We ordered beef tataki for $7.9, it's a Japanese style dish where the meat is hot seared and still rare inside, thinly sliced and served with lemon, crushed ginger and soy sauce for the dipping. The meat is tender and tastes fresh so if you love sashimi, then this one is worth a try.

Beef tataki

The second pick was wagyu beef, and as I expected the beef is so tender and juicy served with special dipping sauce and salad on the side.

Wagyu beef

I had been craving for tonkatsu lately so I just couldn't miss this deep fried pork on the menu.


If you like spinach then you should try the spinach salad but make sure you like sesame since this fresh salad has a strong sesame flavor and a hint of peanut dressing.

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