Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eigo Rakugo

Rakugo in English?
I've never seen any rakugo performance furthermore in English, but now I got a chance to see rakugo in action in English! Here is the invitation I received from the Japan Foundation in Sydney:

English Rakugo returns to Sydney! Rakugo performer Katsura Asakichi has been performing in English since 2000 and will regale Sydney audiences with the Japanese art of 'sit-down' comedy this April.
Rakugo is a traditional form of comic storytelling which dates back more than 300 years. Performers kneel on stage and use limited props such as a fan or hand towel to help tell the story. The only other 'props' used are the performer's skill and the imagination of the audience as the Rakugoka (Rakugo performer) uses facial expressions, change of voice and mannerisms to both narrate the story and become the characters. As the performer switches from one distinct character to another, the audience is treated to a hilarious study of the follies and foibles of everyday life.

If you are Sydneysiders and interested in Japanese culture then don't miss out on this chance to see rakugo in action in English.

Here are the details:
Date : Thursday, 1st April 2010
Time : 6.30pm (for 7:00pm start) - 8:00pm
Venue : Eastern Avenue Auditorium
Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney.
Admission: Fee but bookings essential
RSVP: reception@jpf.org.au or phone 02 8239 0055

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