Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daiei Watermelon

Hokuei, a town of Tottori Prefecture in Japan is not only home to Detective Conan but also the famous Daiei watermelon or also called as Tottori watermelon. Madoka Ueno, the Tourism Ambassador for Tottori Prefecture described Daiei watermelon as being 'large, sweet and crisp' at the Mainichi Newspaper, promoting this famous watermelon of this year's harvest as it shipped across the country.

(Picture courtesy of Tottori Tourism)

Tottori watermelons have not been limited to Japan, either, making appearances overseas in Taiwan and Russia, and in June of 2008, being shipped to Dubai for the first time, where they sold for around 30,000 yen a piece (in Japan, a typical size Tottori watermelon sells for about 3,800 yen).

Talking about Tottori, the prefecture is also famous for Nijisseiki Pear, the king of all Japanese pears. Tottori Prefecture is the largest producer and exporter of these pears. While the Daiei watermelon is in season from late June to early August, the Nijisseiki Pear is in season from late August to September.

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