Monday, June 14, 2010


It was 7pm when I wandered around The Rock's market on the weekend and came across a Belgian waffle stand, when you are freezing and find a hot food with tantalizing aroma you wouldn't just walk pass without getting one. The chocolate Belgian waffle is so nice and it just reminds me of a waffle craze in Japan few years back then. The waffle craze in Japan didn't stop there, Sanyei Co. invented a moffle makers which set another trend of new kind of rice snack in Japan, moffle.

Moffle (mochi + waffle) has the waffle shape and while the outside is toasted and crispy, the inside contains a thin layer of glutinous mochi. Making a moffle is quite simple, just open the lid of the moffle maker, which looks very similar to a waffle iron, place the mochi inside and close the lid. After several minutes, a toasted waffle-looking mochi is ready. You can use instant mochi blocks available at supermarket.

It is also possible to make moffle sandwiches by combining ingredients with the mochi before cooking, alternatively you can add sweet or salty toppings as the plain taste of mochi goes well with either.
(Source: Japan Times)

(My chocolate waffle)

I haven't found any shop selling moffle in Sydney so far, and when I find one I'll update this post


nonchan said...

Looks like yummy Moffle:p

Maybe you know Maneken's waffle.
There are many shops here and there in Japan. Everytime I pass through a shop, I am seized with the impulse that want to eat waffle by that aroma.

And Takoyaki is also nice aroma.

Rashai said...

Yes I know Maneken's, it's a very famous waffle shop in Japan, isn't? Which one you like more? waffle or moffle? :)