Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mochi dumpling

I've got a few posts about Shu Shin Bou's products including the God's fruit and daifuku, and this morning I just dropped by their shop in the the world square complex to try their new product, Mochi dumpling, priced at $2 each.
Well, it's more like mochi than dumpling, it's not that kind of dumpling you'd find when you have yum cha and it's not like an ordinary mochi in small ball shape with cornstarch dusting. This mochi dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves just like Chimaki (Japanese glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves or also known as Chinese rice dumpling or called bah-chang in my hometown).

(Mochi dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves)

(Mochi dumpling with kiwi fruit and cranberries filling)

Definitely it doesn't taste like bah-chang :) The transparent texture is chewy just like normal mochi and the filling is more like ice cream, overall it tastes good and fresh as a desert, especially for one who loves mochi like me. They come with 4 different fillings: taro, red bean, kiwi fruit and cranberries, next time I am gonna try the taro and red bean ones.


grub said...

these look yum. i thought they were jelly dumplings!

Rashai said...

Grub, I just noticed, they indeed look like jelly :) yet yummy tho..

gulf said...

I like meat dumpling,ha ha.
We call it 粽子zong.zi
The first three days of next week,we will have a short holiday to celebrate it --Dragon Boat Festival, and one of the customs is eating this kind of dumplings:)

golden zephyr said...

Oooh they look super yummy. I was going to make mochi (but a more Korean version than Japanese) later, but it would be totally interesting to try these!

How are you?

Rashai said...

Gulf, Dragon boat race sounds very interesting! so would you cook your own dumpling next week? :)

Golden Zephyr, I am doing well, thanks! You must be very excited and can't wait for your trip to Korea! And I think the temple stay is really great, I'd love to try that if I have chance to visit Korea again :)

miwango said...

Oh! Did you feel a fragrance of the bamboo? :) I love the mochi which it wrapped with bamboo and bamboo grass.

By the way, was anko into that mochi? (im sorry if you wrote about it. i missed it :P) I like anko so much, so if I eat mochi, anko is necessary thing to me :D

Rashai said...

Unfortunately there is no bamboo's fragrance anymore and there are 4 flavors including anko but I only tried the kiwi fruit and cranberries. I reckon anko is the favorite flavor in Japan, isn't it? :)