Friday, April 3, 2009

God's fruit

Persimmon, according to ancient Greeks is also known as god's fruit. It has a yellow-orange color and varies from one to another species. Japanese persimmon or kaki is the most common species I found here during spring and summer. This god's fuit is slightly tangy, sweet but a bit bitter in its crisp firm state but tastes best when completely ripened with the sweet and jelly-like flesh.

I have been eating this fruit for years, but I just found a unique dessert made from dried persimmon filled with the full flavoured sweetness of brown sugar mochi and slowly caramelised red bean. I found this unique Japanese desert at Shu Shin Bou, a Japanese dessert shop located at Regent Shopping Centre (World Square) in the city. 

The god's fruit dessert, imported from Japan.

They also sell mochi, potato short cake, mochi-yaki, dorayaki and the most luscious desert daifuku. The mochi flavours vary from strawberry to blueberry and as well as  mango, peach, melon and taro-mousse. Their signature mochi cake or daifuku set comprises six different creations and flavours: black forrest, vanilla-chestnut, sesame-chestnut, strawberry, mango, and green tea-read bean. The filling is more like ice cream and last for about 3 weeks if you keep in the freezer.

The daifuku set


gulf said...

In the north of China persimmon sweetmeat is very popular.It's oblate and people sprinkled sugar糖霜 on it.But I like the fresh more.
Rashai,what is it in the third pic?
Also mochi?what is the flavour?The black on the surface is ……?:)

Rashai said...

Same with me, I like the fresh one better. Yes, they are all mochi, the black one? I think it's sesame, I haven't tried all of them though :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

i never liked persimmon before. not a fan before, not a fan ever...hahahah :P

Rashai said...

I am not a big fan either but I still got this fruit once a month or so... just to have something different otherwise I'll get bored with apple and orange everyday :)