Friday, April 17, 2009

The village of Kuranda

Cairns Trip - Day 3

The weather was pretty much the same everyday during my stay in Cairns, cloudy and light shower in the morning and a bit muggy during the day but all of those unfriendly weather didn't make my holiday less enjoyable. 

My third day was visiting Kuranda Village, got the coach transfer around 8 o'clock in the morning from my hotel to Freshwater station where we boarded the scenic railway for 75 minutes ride to The village of Kuranda. Located on the mountain 25 km northwest of Cairns, the village is surrounded by world heritage's rainforest which you can enjoy either by scenic railway or skyrail cableway. The village offers a wide range of attraction such as Koala world, bird world, indigenous culture, art galleries, shops, markets and the rainforest itself which known as one of the oldest on this planet. Riding the skyrail cableway on the way down to smithfield station was the best part of the day, forty-five minutes ride passing through the natural beauty of rainforest, stopping at two stations in between and had a short walk in the forest was really a relaxing trip. 

The view from scenic railway

The Kuranda rail station
Skyrail station

Rainforest view from cableway

Browsing the souvenir shop and found some unique keyring made with real outback animal which known as some of the most poisonous animal in the world such as the famous Red back spider.

Aussie souvenirs


gulf said...

You went to Cairns fou you vocation,right? Riding the cableway is so cool, I think.The scenery must be special and imposing .The poet dufu(杜甫)said '会当凌绝顶 ,一览众山小'maybe give expression to the similar feelings.
Did you buy those terrifying key rings? I am very afraid of spider. But I think the key rings are firm and safe:)

Yuliana-Fun said...

liat hutan2 begitu naek sky train jadi inget genting hahaha :)

Rashai said...

Gulf, yes I went to Cairns last weekend for 3 nights, I didn't buy any souvenir since I was broke :) I only bought one T-shirt for myself, it's imported from Japan ha..ha..sorry if you're sick of my 'Japanese things".

Fun, Genting? don't tell me that one of your favorite places, you like the casino, don't you? :)

gulf said...

Rashai,my friend,I'm not stick of Japanese things,I use many many things that made in Japan.I'm not very clear why you think so? Maybe you deemed Chinese should exclude Japanese things? hah,take it easy!^^
I want to see the T-shirt.Shoot it,please.:)

Yuliana-Fun said...

hahahahaha kalo maen di casino sich ga pernah..tapi kalo nongkrong di casino sering hhahaha :) yang bagi kartu ganteng2 hahhaha :)

Rashai said...

Gulf, most of my post always Japanese-related things so you might be sick of it :) glad if you are not. I have put the T-shirt on my post, just a simple T-shirt in black, my favorite color.