Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter !

Easter is just around the corner!
As I live in a western country, Easter means Easter show, chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs and cross buns. Even there are no parties like Christmas season but at least some offices provide some chocolate eggs and cross buns for the staffs to enjoy the Easter spirit.

Talking about cross bun, it's sweet bun made with raisins (originally) and has a cross marked on the top. The tradition of eating hot cross buns on Easter came from England when English monarchs saw the buns as a dangerous hold-over of Catholic belief in England, being baked from the dough used in making the communion wafer. Protestant England attempted to ban the sale of the buns by bakers but they were too popular, and instead Queen Elizabeth I passed a law permitting bakeries to sell them, but only at Easter and Christmas.

Now some bakeries sell not only raisins cross buns but also some different flavor such as chocolate cross buns with some chocolate chips as topping which is my favorite one.

My cross bun with chocolate Easter eggs

One more thing about Easter that I almost forget, long weekend! yup... starting from Good Friday to Easter Monday, that's the best part for me as I am going away this Easter long weekend :)

Well,.. Happy Easter everyone.. enjoy your long weekend.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

happy easter bro... :)

beckyferris said...

i love your pictures!

Rashai said...

Calvin, Happy Easter to you too...

Beckyferris, thanks! you got nice pictures too..

Yuliana-Fun said...

happy easter... jadi liburannya kemana?

Rashai said...

Thanks Fun!
I'm flying up north to Cairns tomorrow morning, it's a beautiful city with the great barrier reef, only 3 hours flight from Sydney, deket2 aja kok.. :)