Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Man Japan

Only in Japan..

Here is another unique movie about a giant super hero fighting monsters in Tokyo in a mock documentary style. I know it's a bit outdated talking about Big Man Japan (Dai Nipponjin) since this movie had been released in Japan couple years ago but in US this bizzarely unigue movie is coming soon in theatres May 15 this year. 

Nothing more bizzare than a giant super hero fighting weird monsters with a taiko drumstick in Tokyo! Couldn't write any coment for this, what was the point of the movie?.. Big is beautiful?.. is it true?   just 'play' the trailer below if you wanna check it out. 

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nonchan said...

Konbanwa, rashai san.
BIG MAN is Mr. Hitoshi Matsumoto(comedian).
I never seen this movie but his comedy is really interesting(omoshiroi);-D