Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Island

Cairns Trip - Day 2

It was a cloudy morning and then started to drizzle when we got to the Reef Fleet Terminal where we board the Big Cat cruise to Green Island.

Green Island is a beautiful 6000 year-old coral cay located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and only 45 minutes away from Cairns. This tropical island paradise is a National Park and home to over 120 native plant species, colourful bird life, surrounded by coral gardens and abundant marine life to explore. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your day at the island, the fun options include snorkeling, scuba diving, underwater sea walking experience, glass bottom boat, semi submarine boat, helicopter scenic flight, underwater observatory, parasailing or pamper yourself with a spa and massage at island resort hotel. You can enjoy all of those exciting activities as long as you have the time and the money. We did enjoy our semi submarine trip exploring the coral reef where we could learn and enjoy lots of marine life such as 'Nemo-like' fish, some strange creatures and giant shell. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take good picture since it was too dark down there.

The Big Cat Cruise to Green Island

The food? no.. I didn't have Japanese food this time, instead I got Italian food for lunch, start with Lobster bisque and caesar salad for appetizer and then sirloin steak and spaghetti marinara to satisfy my seafood passion. My spaghetti marinara comes with prawn, oyster, squid, and fish fillet.

Lobster bisque, a rich, thick and creamy soup with a very smooth texture

Spaghetti Marinara

Caesar salad

The steak


Yuliana-Fun said...

denger green island, kepikirnya ijo2 semua.. liatin makanan mulu nih hehe :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

the steak looks mighty yummy!! :)

MIKI said...

Thank you for the comments!! They are working now!

Yes, I celebrate easter as my family the roman catholic. Not everyone does though, it's not a very popular holiday.

I hope your trip is well! Looks fun!

Rashai said...

Fun, namanya juga green island ya pasti ijo he.he.

Calvin, at least you wouldn't ask me the same question this time :)

Miki, thanks.. I did enjoy my trip and indeed lots of fun.