Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kaze and Kanpai

Cairns Trip - Shop & Dine

Browsing around downtown I found Japanese shops and eateries almost in every corner of the city. Kaze is an outstanding shop selling Japanese gimmicks, kimono, haori (half-length kimono), T-shirt and special suits like Zen suits and even ninja suits!  Most of the goods sold in this shop imported directly from Japan, no wonder the gimmicks like dolls, pouches, bags, mirrors, hair accesories, pottery ornaments  are really fancy and cute. Later on I found out there are two Kaze shops in town, one is located on Lake street while the other one is on Spencer street.

Kaze shop

Japanese T-shirts imported from Japan

Pre-loved Zen T-shirt priced at AUD 98!

The only T-shirt I bought for myself

My huge craving for seafood and Japanese cuisine brought me to Kanpai Japanese restaurant located at 64 Shields st, it's only 3 minutes walk from Cairns Central station and shopping centre. The outstanding menu and unique deserts made me back to this friendly restaurant on the next day.

The prawn in cheese is simply delicious

Grilled white kingfish wing was superb

Pork belly in sweet soy sauce served with wasabi

Grilled sardines in cheese

Usagami sore, it looks like a plain water but it's a mix of Japanese vodka, honey, sake and citrus.

The unique deep fried ice cream, it's a vanila ice cream inside a home made pastry and tempura, hot on the outside and amazingly cold on the inside, served with choco-sticks, fresh cream and strawberry sauce.


beckyferris said...

that all looks delicious!

Yuliana-Fun said...

bajunya bertuliskan sushi.. hehee keren juga bajunya :)

the prawn in cheese itu jadi penasaran rasanya bakal seperti apa..kayaknya yummy dah.. :)

btw sebenernya dirimu dimana sich? bingung.. hahah :)

Rashai said...

Beckyferris, Indeed.. I only post the yummy ones, I like sharing the good ones not the bad ones :)

Rashai said...

Fun, iya gua demen banget ama seafood plus Japanese food.
Apanya yg bikin bingung Fun? ha..ha..gua tinggal di Sydney kecuali Des-Jan biasanya mudik ke Jawa.

Calvin Soo KJ said... t shirts. bought one for me?? :P