Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saap Thai

It was a windy morning and the temperature is getting cool as winter is just one month away. It's my second week attending the mass at St. Andrew's Cathedral just next to Town Hall in the city. The first time I saw this cathedral with gothic revival archithecture and its name I thought it was a roman catholic church but actually it's an anglican church, I will write about this Cathedral later on in a separate post.

Leaving church around 12 o'clock we headed to Pitt street strip to have lunch at Saap Thai. It's a local famous in the 'thainatown' district with their authentic thai homestyle food. They are quite famous for some dishes like sumtum and nooodle boat. Sumtum is thai salad comprises green papaya, cherry tomato, long bean, peanut, chili and some more spices, but be aware that this salad is super hot, so if you aren't a chili eater your tongue and stomach might get burnt!
This time we only had seafood fried rice, stir-fried seafood with pepper and chili, Pad seew with chicken (stir-fried thick rice noodle), and thai iced tea with milk is the only drink I always order in this restaurant. If you are looking for an affordable yummy thai food in the city, I would recommend this restaurant.

Pad seew with chicken

Seafood fried rice

Stir-fried seafood with pepper served with jasmine rice

Iced milk tea for $2.8


Peer said...

Great to hear that you like Thai food.

Fired rice is look similar with original one here. ^ - ^

Rashai said...

Peer, thanks for dropping by, yes I like Thai food especially Pad Thai and seafood fried rice. There are many authentic Thai restaurants down here and I reckon the food as good as the ones in Thailand.
Almost forget, I also love Thai durian! :)

草(sou) said...

It is thai food that seems to be delicious.
bifun and seafood are large favorite dishes for me♪
Is tea with milk a drink of the Thailand style that includes the cinnamon etc?

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,
Thanks for dropping by, do you like Thai food? I am not sure what the ingredient for the milk tea, but I think it has the cinnamon a bit.