Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Cairns Trip - Day 1

Cairns is a famous city of Tropical North Queensland, a beautiful coastal town with the famous Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

Good Friday, 10 April 12.45 pm, after 3 hours flight from Sydney by Virgin Blue we arrived at Cairns international airport. It's a relatively small airport yet there are some direct flights from and to Nagoya and Osaka. The airport itself is still undergoing a 200 millions makeover for all Cairns ports. Upon our arrival I phoned our hotel to get the airport transfer, thanks to the free and user friendly courtesy phone provided in the airport, a counter with the list of the hotels complete with photos and numbers on it, just dial the number and within 15 minutes we arrived at Colonial Club Resort Cairns.

It's quite a large hotel in and old colonial style, with 3 swimming pools and rain forest gardens, so when we made our way to the room just felt like walking down the trek in a rain forest but surprisingly we got a really clean and modern room with a big plasma TV mounted on the wall. I didn't expect that much when I saw the hotel from outside.

It's already around 2 pm when I walked around the city to find something for lunch, many delightful Japanese eateries and shops in almost every corner of the city. We spent our first day exploring the downtown, Japanese food hunting and just relaxing in the hotel.

My hotel for 3 nights in Cairns

Ikemen ramen for my first day lunch

My potato croquette was so crunchy

My dinner was quite light and simple ones, a set of potato croquette and sushi set at O Cha Cha Japanese Restaurant, 2nd floor of 34 Lake street.

The Esplanade at waterfront

Beautiful night view of The Esplanade


gulf said...

An impressive travel,I become excited by your description. BTW,the yolk is so tempting,haw…… I am a little hungry now!^^

Yuliana-Fun said...

aiiihh... telur setengah mateng begitu.enaaaaknyaaa :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

cool man.....but must you always have japanese food everywhere you go....lolz.

Rashai said...

Gulf, thanks! the yolk and the pork indeed so tempting.. :)

Fun, enak lho Fun apalagi kuahnya kuah pork yg direbus berjam2 wah.. tasty banget tuh..

Calvin, you're rite bro but the city has a long history for Japanese so apart from Japanese food, not many Asian food I could find, or maybe it's just an excuse :)