Sunday, April 26, 2009

Japan's first solar-powered mobile phone

only in Japan..

Moshi moshi... here is another cool gadget from Japan, a solar-powered mobile phone! I think it's gonna be a big hit in the market, wondering how much it's gonna cost our pocket to get one? I got this news from one of my fellow bloggers, Ai//Nippon, who has linked this news on her post. 
Here are the news copied from Mainichi Japan

"KDDI Corp., in cooperation with Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co., will release Japan's first solar-powered mobile phone as early as June, the companies said.The waterproof phone, created by Sharp Corp., can be charged through a solar panel installed on the surface of the phone. About 10 minutes of sun will power the phone for about a minute of talk time and roughly two hours of stand-by time."

An image of  KDDI’s solar-powered mobile phone (courtesy of KDDI)


Yuliana-Fun said...

beeehh canggih juga donk yak... nah kalo hujan mulu piye? :P

sayuri said...

Maybe this new phone could lead to more solar phones being produced with longer talk times. :) Thanks for linking to me.

gulf said...

It will be a tendency in the future,I think.The solar-powered mobile phone is cool.I like it and I want to have a try:)

Rashai said...

Fun, kalo ujan ya tinggal dicharge normal pake listrik he..he.. :)

Sayuri, let's hope they will produce the long-lasting solar battery as well :)

Gulf, you can try to order online this new gadget next month, hopefully they have ready stock :)