Monday, March 30, 2009

HRP-4C The first girlie humanoid

Only in Japan..

I got this from  Yahoo news couple weeks ago:
Japanese researchers showed off robot that will soon strut her stuff down a Tokyo catwalk. This girlie humanoid designed to look like an average Japanese woman with black hair trimmed down the shoulders, 158 cm height (the average height of Japanese woman aged 19-29), weights 43 kilograms. She has a manga-inspired human face but a silver metallic body and 42 motions motors programmed to mimic the movements of flesh-and-blood fashion models. 

"We have deliberately leaned toward anime style." said the one of the inventors, humanoid research leader Shuji Kajita.

(All pictures courtesy of AP Photo/Koji Sashara)

Like her real-life counterparts, robot model HRP-5C commands a hefty price, the institute said developing her cost more than 200 million yen (two million dollars)


Calvin Soo KJ said...

the japs would create everything under the sun, dont they? but the humanoid looks good.

Miss Zane said...

Watched its report in CNN. It's their latest invention, she looks good but she still walks really weird though hehe :D