Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday dinner

It's another beautiful day, it was raining in the morning then clearing up during the day and and the afternoon was just perfect for a Friday night in the city.
As soon as I wrapped up my works at 5 I called to book a table for dinner at Masuya, I reckoned it would be ok to book just an hour before they open but a nice voice of a lady at the other end replied '..sorry but all the tables has been booked for tonight..' err... even only for two people please?.. I insisted, but she couldn't promise anything at that point. Don't give up, I said to myself, just go there and let see if they would be hesitate to refuse customer. I got there at 6 pm just when they opened the door, and thank God.. they gave us two seats at the sushi bar, that will do I! We still can order everything on the menu except the hot pot ones.

Finally we enjoyed my birthday dinner at Masuya, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney, located at basement level of 12 O'connel street just a stroll walk from Wynyard station. We ordered Otoro sushi, Wagyu beef teriyaki and Jewfish Masuya's way, one of masuya’s signature dishes, a jewfish fillet with a carefully rolled potato net, oven baked till crispy and served with dill lime butter sauce & soy infusion.

Wagyu beef teriyaki

Otoro sushi

Jewfish fillet

Niseko avocado and Sanghai berry for the drinks

The food was oishi!...service was great and the price..umm 'you got what you paid..'


gulf said...

生日快乐(happy birthday)笑口常开(I wish you smile everyday)万事如意!(May good luck wait upon you)^_^
A late blessing.sorry

Yuliana-Fun said...

makan2 dimana? yuk yuk,.... heheeh :) *semangat45*
btw hepi bday yaak.. :) panjang umur selalu, sehat2 selalu, sukses dan juga hepi2 aja... aiihh..std banget dah ucapannya yak? :) ya udah..ditunggu makan2nya..hahahaha :) jk

Rashai said...

Thank you for the prayer, wish you all the best too!..btw, I have added your link.

Fun, boleh..boleh.. aku traktir kapan aja, kalo udah sampe Sydney airport kabarin ya, aku jemput di airport deh.. :)
Thanks ya..

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Wahh.. 27 March is you b'day?
Happy Birthday!!
Moga panjang umur, sehat selalu ya..
May all your dreams come true (^^,)*

Rashai said...

Jeane, Thanks! anything's wrong with 27 March?

nonchan said...

Happy Happy Birthday for you!!!
These foods Looks like very yummy!

Rashai said...

Nonchan, Thanks!