Saturday, March 21, 2009

Black Raspberry wine

In the mood of Ume blossoms (in Japan), I was looking for Umeshu (Japanese plum wine), but no luck! Couldn't fine this favorite wine of mine in the city, eventually I got a Korean Black Raspberry wine instead.

My Black raspberry wine

This Bohae Bokboonjajoo (Black Raspberry wine) is the world's best black raspberry wine, that's what its brewery company claimed. A small bottle of 375 ml for $17, above average price if I compare to normal western wine. This enchanting purplish color wine won the silver medal at 2005 Dallas Morning News International Wine Competition, indeed has a superb taste and less sweet compare to plum wine. This wine was also selected as a official wine for APEC 2005's dinner party.

For you wine lovers, this one is worth a zip!

Talking about wine, I got some unique and funny wine pictures taken last year during my visit to Hunter Valley, a famous winery region in Australia.

This one is Sakura Shiraz from Windowrie brewery in Cowra, I got this when visiting Sakura Masturi in this small country town last year.

Sakura Shiraz


Yuliana-Fun said...

kaga pernah cobain wine apapun..hikshiks.. mending mineral water please hahahaa :) *norak*

Rashai said...

Ga norak dong, kan emang bukan minuman asli sono dan jarang banget yg jual.
Kalo mudik gw bawain deh.. :-) tapi kalo memungkinkan dan ga janji ya.. :)