Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today I got some 'purezento' from my missus, as I have promised her that I would post her 'presents' on my blog and now I gotta keep my words! Here are some of the presents:

- Our Memories, it's a very first web created for my special day, it's more like an 'experiment' web and even I feel that the contents would make us look like 'narcist' :) anyway, I give her the credits for the efforts of digging out our old paper-printed photos, digital camera was still a luxury back then when we married, restoring them in digital files, and uploading the snippets on the web.
So if you wanna take a peek on our journey over the last 7 years, please clik on Our Memories

- A set of my favorite deserts and drink: Durian ice cream, strawberry mochi, and a Korean Plum wine.

- Emi Fujita CD

- 3 nights weekend getaway for Easter long weekend to Cairns, a famous destination of Tropical North Queensland (can't wait to board the plane)

- On the top that I still asked her "How about a DSLR ?"

My strawberry ice cream mochi

Durian ice cream

Plum wine


gulf said...

Very fancy artwork.You share your happiness with us. Sweet love. Every anniversary is one and only. You collected a large fortune.^_^

Miss Zane said...

Happy belated anniversary Ko !!
Yipppieee yaay ^^

Cool site, what a great effort..

Narcist? don't worry, aren't WE ALL ?! ^^

Miss Zane said...

Eh ko, btw did you mean for your birthday ? :D ahahahha
I directly thought of your anniversary. Or was it for both?
errrr.. well anyway, happy Bday !
All the best, love and happiness ^^
JBU always

Calvin Soo KJ said...

woah!!! romantic man......dont let my wife read this post, else she would want one too... :P

Rashai said...

Gulf, thanks.. yup we should be grateful for all the happiness and blessing from God.

Miss Zane, actually it's my birthday ha..ha.. Thanks!

Calvin, actually I am not that kind of romantic person but yes she is.. Make one for your wife and I bet she will cook whatever you want ha..ha..

Miss Zane said...

Aahahaha LOL me :De