Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All about fish

Craving for fish? I'd recommend Sakae in the city to conquer your craving for yummy fish. I am not saying that the other dishes apart from fish are not good, their bento box menu is good and considerably affordable prices too . If you order one main menu then you can get the special sashimi for a special price of $4.5
It's not a fancy place but the interior is really clean with quick service and friendly service, it's one of my favorite eateries in town.

(Fish teriyaki set)

(Akamai/lean tuna sashimi)
Their sushi and sashimi are really fresh.

This grilled king fish head is on the entree menu but I like to have this with the steam rice. My photo looks a bit creepy but it does taste good! Fresh and slightly salted... the best King fish I ever tasted.


nonchan said...

Ha ha , the fish's face is creepy a bit;p
Enjoy fresh meal!

Rashai said...

Nonchan, my photo is really creepy, isn't it? but it tastes really yummy.. :)