Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mother's Crepe

It's Saturday afternoon and pretty much nothing to do, despite the wet weather I went out to city and ended up at the World Square shopping centre looking for something to munch on. On the lower ground level at the front of Shushinbou shop there is a new Japanese Crepe stand called Mother's Crepe. The display on the side is very attractive, a range of beautifully presented crepes and the 50% discount for the grand opening work very well for the promotion, people lining up to get their crepes for about $3.50 each. I was considering the ham and cheese since I prefer hot crepe rather than cold one but eventually I couldn't resist the strawberry choco!

(Strawberry Choco Crepe)

The strawberry choco was delightful but for me I like the hot and crispy crepe even when it stuffed with something cold like ice cream, or maybe my strawberry choco crepe was meant to be hot and crispy? So it wasn't crispy enough for me then, but once again it was a delightful snack for an afternoon tea time though.


grub said...

ooo we have something like this in Melbourne called "harajuku crepes" as it is located near a youth populated location, it is always jam packed with teens and uni students queueing for their yummy crepes!

Rashai said...

Grub, I've heard about Harajuku Crepes in Melbourne and I believe the crepes are really yummy! I really want to give it a try but unfortunately I didn't make it when I visited Melb a few months back then, lucky me that now we got this Japanese Crepe in Sydney :)