Friday, November 26, 2010


I had heard about this authentic Japanese restaurant on Pacific Highway Crows Nest for a while and eventually I enjoyed my lunch at this award winning Asian favorite restaurant. Ju-Rin restaurant looks like an ordinary casual Japanese eatery from outside but when I walked in through the noren I could feel the authenticity of a Japanese restaurant, and the warm welcoming smile from friendly staffs made me think 'it's gonna be one of my favorite place!'

It's a bit hard to choose the meal I'd like to try since all the dishes are really tempting and after rolled down the menu I decided to try the Saikyo-yaki, a sweet miso-marinated grilled fish which tastes so yum... the sweetness of light miso flavor on smooth fish fillet are just perfect.


On top of that I ordered a wagyu set and I can only describe it as.. it melts on my tongue!

(Wagyu beef set)

I'd definitely comeback to try their new restaurant Hana Ju-Rin which will open at the beginning of December not far from Ju-Rin, located at 300 Pacific Hwy Crows Nest.

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