Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ramen Champion at Changi T3

I've got posts about Ramen Champion in Singapore and Ramen Champion at Changi Airport but just got a chance to prove it myself last week while transiting at this one of best airports in the world.
As you would expect, you can try tasty ramen from four different region in Japan at the comfort of Changi Airport, it's located in basement are (public area) at B2-58 Terminal 3. Gantetsu from Sapporo, Riki ramen from Tokyo, Taka no Tsume Chiba, and Ikkousha from Hakata. I didn't waste my (only) 18 hours transit and managed to try three different ramen, corn and butter ramen from Sapporo, one small bowl from Riki ramen, and a big bowl of Tonkotsu ramen from Ikkousha, and this last one is my favorite as I love tonkotsu based soup. For those who love ramen, better prepare an empty stomach to try all different kind of ramen you can't resist in one place!

(Tonkotsu ramen from Ikkousha)

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