Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Summer Scent

I just read a friend's post about a Korean Series and it reminds me that I have been addicted to Korean series, movies, including the soundtrack.
I watched this 'Summer Scent' three years ago and really like the soundtrack, I have been listening to this song over the past year without any clue what does it mean. Eventually got the lyric in English, the title 'Bimil' means 'secret', let me know if you like this song too..

Bimil - Summer Scent OST

Actually I am not really into the mellow and teary ones but I did enjoy watching Son Ye Jin in this movie though.
The story is about a girl named Hye-won who got a transplant heart from deceased Soh Eun Hye. Hye Won heart oddly beats faster when she is around a man named Min-woo (Song Seung Hun). Unveiled that her 'new heart' used to love Min-Woo since Soh Eun Hye (the donor) was Min-Woo's girlfriend, the story goes on with more conflicts since she's already got fiance, quite a touching series.


Miss Zane said...

I luv Korean drama series too ! ^^
Never watch this one yet tho.
The song, not bad but not my taste :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something good to watch. I'll check it out.