Monday, November 3, 2008

Harry Potter Building

If you’ve been to The Sydney University building in Camperdown and enter the main quadrangle, you will know why some of the students here call this building as “Harry Potter Building”.

I went to this ‘Harry Potter Building’ last weekend to enjoy the impressive display of purple flowers of Jaracanda trees, which bloom in mid spring for approximately six weeks.

The city of Grafton in the north coast of NSW is also famous for its Jacarandas, they have a Jacaranda festival during the period of full bloom. Jacarandas are also very popular and can be found in cities all over Israel, they were introduced to this country over 50 years ago.


Cartoonist62 said...

Wow those purple trees are beautiful! I've never seen trees like that before ^-^!

Jeanne said...

Jaracanda tree is beutiful!! I love the purple color..
nice building, I like classics (old) building), but not for my own house, hard to clean.. just enjoying "warisan jaman dulu", and yea.. as long as it's not spooky like old castles in England.

Rashai said...

Indeed.. both building and jacaranda tree are beautiful.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

landscaping is my passion. the building is a beautiful architecture....would love to be there to take a few snaps....cheers

Rashai said...

Calvin, let me know if you are coming down here, I'll take you there for free.. since it's only 10 minutes walk from where I live.. :-)