Thursday, November 20, 2008

Japanese Film Festival

My double-pass for Japanese Film Festival arrived today! it's a complimentary ticket from Omusubi, an online magazine from Japan Foundation in Sydney.

The 12th Japanese Film Festival in Sydney will be showing 18 selected Japanese films consisting of different genres, from drama to action/samurai including Anime as well. For you who loves Japanese movie make sure you will not miss this event, showing at Greater Union Cinema in the city from 2 Dec-9 Dec 2008
For details of the movie and the schedule please visit The Japanese Film Festival website.

Here are some snippets from the official website:

Courtesy of Japan Foundation

The opening and closing film

Courtesy of Japan Foundation

Two films I consider to watch:
1. Ichi, just because I love Samurai movie.

Courtesy of Japan Foundation

2. Season of Snow, since It's my dream to experience the snow season in Hakuba and Hokkaido.


ai//sayuri said...

Wow that looks fun. Wish I could go!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

i personally prefer their horror movies. makes my hair stands all the time.....hahaha. have a good time bro. :)

Cartoonist62 said...

Oooh Ayase Haruka! As soon as I saw the picture I recognized her (from ichi) just finished rewatching Hotaru no Hikari. So easy to recognize her :).
I'm so jealous that you get to go :D. You will have to put up reviews of the movies :)

Rashai said...

@Ai//sayuri: it's definitely gonna be lots of fun. Any similar event over there?

@Calvin: Do you watch many Japanese Horror? you must be a 'Sadako's fan' then.. :) Thanks bro.

@Cartoonist62: I'll try to put up the reviews then, how about Hotaru no Hikari? must be good enough to make you watched twice.