Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ramyeon & Omurice

Sunday Morning!
Went to the church at 7.30, got back to the City around 9 am, it's a bit chilling morning so wanna have something hot and spicy for breakkie.
Came across to this authentic Korean Restaurant on Liverpool street just the opposite of World Square building, never been here before so wanna give it a try. This restaurant got a unique name: "Heaven, Earth, Star & Earth" it's sound more like a title of Jacky Chan's or Jet Lee's kungfu movie for me.. ha..ha. .well, picked the Ramyeon (Ramen in Japanese) and Omurice (omelet with rice). The ramyeon came with a tasty hot and spicy soup and 4 side dishes. One thing makes me comeback to a Korean restaurant is their side dishes, not only because they are free and you can top-up as many as you wish but I do like the unique taste of kimchi, pickled bean sprout, dried anchovy, steamed potato, etc.

If you wanna have some deliciously tasty light Korean food in affordable price, this place is worth a try.

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