Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby Octopus Teriyaki

It’s really a hot day with 35 degree on the top! Looks like summer is just around the corner!

Rushing with weekend busy hours at work, trying to get outta there on time at 5 pm and can’t wait to have Japanese food for dinner.

It only took about 10 minutes by bus from the city to Kyushu Japanese Restaurant located at 9 Grosvenor street in Neutral Bay, arrived at 6.30 pm and got the reserved table ready for us. It's one of most popular Japanese eateries on the North Shore and sometime could be difficult getting a table so booking is recommended.

I ordered Baby Octopus Teriyaki, Wafu steak, Prawn tempura and a glass of Japanese plum wine. I picked baby octopus teriyaki since it's not an everyday Teriyaki you could find in Japanese restaurant, quite rare and was really yummy. The wafu steak was quite tender and the sauce tasted a bit like 'satay' sauce which is my favorite sauce for grilled dishes. They have an outstanding and inexpensive menu, even still above average price though, but the food quality is really good and overall service is really great! The sweet Japanese plum wine tastes good till the last sip, makes me want to grab another glass.

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