Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tessalaar Tulip Festival in Mebourne

I’ve been a bit busy these days so haven’t got chance to write my trip to Melbourne last weekend. It was long weekend and I thought it would be boring to stay at home and got nothing to do for the whole weekend so.. visiting Melbourne will do! 

Arriving at Southern Cross Station on Sunday morning then bought the Sunday Saver ticket for only $2.90! Couldn’t believe it! The $2.90 Sunday saver ticket valid for traveling by train, tram and bus within any section for the whole day! While it costs you about $16 for a Day Tripper ticket in Sydney! Well then.. continuing my trip to Lilydale station by train and changed for special bus to The Tessalaar Tulip Festival.  The $15 admission included the return bus service to Lilydale station.  Entering the garden with some stalls selling Dutch food like poffertjes , the staffs dressed in Holland traditional costumes, small windmollen and of course the tulips! Just felt like entering  a tulip garden in Amstedam! Claimed to be more than a million spring flowering bulbs and 65 varieties of tulips spread over the large garden look like a large beautiful rug made from tulips. 


Anonymous said...

Nice photo Ko :) taken by yourself?

Rashai said...

Yup Ted,.. all photos on my blog taken by my pocket camera :-) hope I'll get my SLR soon..

Yuliana-Fun said...

alow..salam kenal juga..daku link yak blognya :)
wuaaa melbourne..kapan yak diriku ke sana? kalo kmrn jadi ke nz, dah rencana tuh mo ke mlb juga.. tapi apa daya, tak jadi hahaha :)
bunga tulipnya keren euy.... fotonya bagus2 yak? :)

Rashai said...

Thanks, yup link aja..
I''ll link you blog on mine too..
If you wish to check my Tulip's photo album you can click my Tessalaar Tulip Photos on right side bar, but my favorite is Sakura! :-)

Jeanne said...

Salam kenal.. thanks dah dropping by on my blog. Yours is really nice too.. lots of pictures.. I love the tulips..

btw, aku link ya..

Rashai said...

Thanks Jeanne.. I'll link yours too.

Miss Zane said...

Koooo.. Mau Melbourne !!!!
Huaaaa... """^^ J ada iie dsana..

Beautiful tulips.
Iya Ko, cepetan get your DSLR yah.. hehe, worth it bgt deh apalagi u kan seneng travel n foto2.