Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wagaya Restaurant

Last Friday, it was a hot weekend in the city, walked around Chinatown after 5 looking for a nice place to chill out and get something for dinner. The Friday night market in Chinatown has started along the Dixon street and getting crowded, so took detour towards Entertainment Centre, passing Ajisen Ramen and Ramen Khan then came across to Wagaya Japanese Restaurant, looked at the menu and found Toro Sushi on the list! 

Table for two please.., no booking? Asked the waitress, lucky she managed to find a table for us but for a limited one hour only. It’s really a nice place for having dinner or just having drinks with friends, nice ambience, cozy and unique with a hi-tech touch screen on every table so we don’t need waiter to order the meal. You can choose the menu in some different categories from noodle/salad to deep fried dishes, from sushi to grilled dishes and from cocktail to sake for the drinks, and even the free water is on the menu as well. You just press whatever you want to order on the screen, confirm the order quantity and once you confirmed the order, a message telling that your order has been sent to the kitchen pop ups on the screen. You can order your dish one at the time, checking your order and the bill on the screen which is good if you don’t want to spend too much or when sharing with friends. When you need the bills just pressed the screen again and the waiter will come within a minute.

The food was ok and the service was fast and courteous, but better book the table first since you can book this restaurant by sms, what an easy way to book! 

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