Monday, October 13, 2008

Hot Doughnut

This 90 cent hot doughnut is quite famous for people in Melbourne especially among shoppers at Victoria Market. It's just a small doughnut sold on the American Doughnut van parked at the back of the famous Victoria Market but some people still queueing though. Frankly speaking, nothing's special about this doughnut compare to my favorite Krispy Kreme doughnuts :-)
The taste is ok but without the 'hole' it's more like "Odading" in Bandung ha..ha..


Eki Akhwan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Rashai. You're welcome to link my blog; will link yours back.

Salam kenal.

Yuliana-Fun said...

apa enaknya donut sich?? abis aku ga doyan donuutttt hehehe :)

Eki Akhwan said...

I'm not much of a landscape photographer, but will try to fulfill your wish soon.

Thanks for linking my blog. I have linked yours too.

Rashai said...

Fun, I am not so keen on ordinary doughnut either, but I really like Krispy Kreme, it's different, never try? give yourself a bite then and you might like it too...:-)