Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today I really want Okomiyaki for my brunch, unfortunately my favorite Okonomiyaki in town closed on Sunday so I went to a Teppanyaki Resto in Sussex Street, Chinatown. I knew it’s not an authentic Japanese Resto as soon as I got there, reading the menu and looking at some photos outside the resto, I asked my self “should I just find another Japanese restaurant?” but I still walked down the stairs and grabbed my seat though! I ordered beef okonomiyaki and seafood okonomiyaki, one of each, as soon as the chef finished cooked and served both of them, I asked “which one is the seafood one?” surprised by my question but then simply said “dunno..“. Surprised with that unexpected answer, I decided not to expect much from this restaurant run by unauthentic Japanese chef. The okonomiyaki itself wasn’t too bad, but their way servicing customer is just way too far from the way they should be.

The authentic Okonomiyaki I had in Osaka last december was really different from the one I got this morning as you can see below:

This is today's Okonomiyaki:

This is my yummy Okonomiyaki in Osaka:


MiSSy MyLO said...

Nevermind! Eventhough though the service is bad, but at least the food is ok. Just try varieties of food. Here, we have a Tao restaurant serving Japanese Buffet. I just went there last week- eat non stop!!!

Cartoonist62 said...

Wow quite the contrast there. The osaka variety looks really delicious and thick. I wonder how hard it would be to try to make at home...

Rashai said...

@Missymilo: you're rite, as long as the food is ok but there are some nice places with yummy food and great service too.. :-)

@Cartoonist62:I have cooked my own okonomiyaki at home many times, not as thick as that one but still yum...;-) I'll post the best okonomiyaki from my kitchen next time..