Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anime show

Just want to share information about some Anime and manga-related events in Sydney in this coming months:

It's a convention for people that loves Japanese animation and comics. It's filled with over 15
vendors, 50 local and interstate artists, international guests, competition, workshops, panels
and spoons.
When : 8-9 August 2009
Where : Roundhouse UNSW
Admission : Sat $20 / Sun $18 / Both $35

From screening to karaoke, art workshops to video games, panel to crazy stage shows, the
2009 Animania Festival Weekend is set to be an awesome events for fans of all ages.
When : 5-6 September 2009, 10 am - 6 pm
Where : Australian Technology Park, Locomotive St, Aveleigh NSW.

It's the biggest video game and anime music concert the world has ever seen.
When : Saturday 26 September 2009
Venue and ticketing informations to be announced soon.

Hope the information will be useful especially for you who reside in Sydney and surroundings.


Miss Zane said...

You are so gonna be there :p

Rashai said...

Most likely Sis.. :)