Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yume Inu vs Yume Neko

Only in Japan..

A Dog Lover? If you are, you will love this news from Mainichi news.

This Yume Inu DX (Dream dog) from Sega toys is a life-size Golden Retriever robot that moves like a real dog, barks, wags its tail and you even can 'sit it down' in English as 'the dog' reacts to six English words such as 'lie down'.

This adorable Yume Inu was nominated as finalist for The High Target Toy Award at 2008 Japan Toy Association Awards. Priced at 34,650 Yen, this robo dog is perfect for those who are unable to have real pet due to allergy as well as no risk of being bitten.

(Yume Inu DX, photo courtesy of Segatoys Co.)

Or maybe you prefer a cat than a dog?
Don't worry, The Yume-Neko Venus (Dream Cat Venus) will answer you need for a cat that won't scracth your hands nor mess up your kitchen hunting down a mice.

(Photo courtessy of AFP photo/Yoshikazu Tsuno)

Or you love both dog and cat? Now you can get them both with no doubt they will get along each other.


gulf said...

it's a good invention,I think.If someone choose this toy pet,they do not be worried about the death of their pet.I had a little rabbit last year.It has soft ears,shory tail and gray hair.But it is dead already.

Rashai said...

Yup.. it works as long as the battery works :) Not sure whether it needs to be recharged.

Satoko said...

Hi! Yes! I'm Dog Lover, and I can't have a dog because living in condominium on the 8th floor :(

I love Golden Retriever!! then, I need this robot in my house! :) Pretty animal has a great healing power... so cute. ^^

Rashai said...


Same with me, I can't have dog here since I live in apartment too.
So would you consider to have Yume Inu? :)