Friday, July 31, 2009

85° C

What's so special with 85 degrees Celcius? 85° C is the ideal temperature to drink coffee. Under this temperature you can taste the enchanting flavour and aroma to its fullest. That's the idea from this cafe called 85° C which claims to provide the best coffee, cake and bakery in town. Orginated in Taiwan and now has several stores in Sydney including one on George street across the World Square complex that I pass by quite often.

Love cake? I do! If I had to choose my 3 favorite flavours, I'd say Cheese cake, Tiramisu and Black forest. That's why I usually couldn't stand myself when come across mouth-watering cakes on display. This time I picked Strawberry Tiramisu, US Cheese cake and Hokaido cheese. Being positioned as premium cakes, they are priced around $4-$5 for a small slice while you can get for a bit lower price somewhere else.
This cafe also sells coffee, bakery and mochi as well, if you do love cake, this cafe is worth a shot.

Hokaido cheese

Strawberry tiramisu

US Cheese cake


gulf said...

85°c, a creative name,I searched it on the Internet and found that it owns a chain of stores in mainland. it's the first time I hear of the strawberry Tiramisu, how about it? The second one, white cake,maybe has the best flavour,I guess:)

Rashai said...

Indeed it's pretty creative and unique. The Strawberry Tiramisu has a very smooth texture and more like Strawberry mousse than tiramisu.The white cake (Hokaido cheese) has strong milk flavour, but I like the normal cheese cake better :)

MTS said...

I'm gonna say my favorite is Strawberry tiramisu. I've never had it but it looks so delicious.

Rashai said...

MTS, good pick but I love the cheese cake better :)