Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prawn Mayo

There has been a competition by one of the famous potato chips brands in Australia, called 'Do us a flavour' by Smiths potato chips. Simple, just come up with a great flavour for their new product and if you win you'll pocket $30,000 plus 1% of future sales of your flavour.
I was thinking of submitting one flavour idea, not expecting that I'd win but just want to do it for fun. I just need an original flavour idea and a creative image to go with it. This morning I just remember that tomorrow will be the deadline for submitting the idea so this is what I ended up with: Prawn Mayo. It's lightly salted fried prawn dipped in Japanese mayonaise. Not merely because I still have prawn in my freezer and love Japanese mayonaise for the dipping, but I do love this prawn mayonaise, sometimes I just boil the prawn with some lemons and then dip it in the mayo. For me it's a great dish for dinner but will it go smooth for a potato chips? who knows.. :)

(My Prawn mayo)


beckyferris said...

that actually sounds good! i'd give it a shot and i like the picture.r now i know what i want for dinner tomorrow!

Rashai said...

Thanks, indeed it's worth a shot, easy yet yummy..!