Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cupcakes on Pitt

'Cupcakes on Pitt', a cupcake shop on Pitt street Sydney's CBD is quite famous for Sydneysiders. They sell adorable mini cupcakes with a range of tempting flavour like Lemon meringue, strawberry, vanilla sundae, tiramisu, black forest and the list still goes on. The fantastic display of their cute mini cupcakes would pull the crowd, including me. I was very tempted to try some of their great flavor including my favorite Tiramisu, but with $2 for a mini cupcake I'd say: you pay for the decoration only.

Tiramisu cupcake

Strawberry cupcake

Vanilla sundae cupcake

Cookies & cream cupcake

With the impressive presentation they managed to develope at least 2 more shops in Chatswood and Paramatta and started selling the cupcakes online.


gulf said...

I watched their website.The cupcakes so so so cute :)Besides your introduction,there are also many another cupcakes and bigger ones. hah,do you often go to this shop??If I choose,I want ……er……Mango & Coconut:)

beckyferris said...

mmmmmm, those are adorable!

Rashai said...

Hi Gulf,
The cupcakes really are cute but nothing special with the taste so I'm not a fan of their shop after all.

Beckyferris, indeed but I wouldn't be back for decoration only, hope the taste catching up with the nice display.