Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aburi Salmon

Last weekend I just wanted to have something new for a change, by 'something new' I meant a new Japanese restaurant or at least the one I've never tried before. Actually, except Tetsuya I've tried most of authentic Japanese eateries in town especially the ones that score at least 7 out of 10 on the review page. So we're just wandering around the city and ended up scrolling down the menu at Takeru Japanese restaurant in Sussex street. It wasn't a disappointment but it's just an average one for me, average taste with average price and average service, umm..what else? average fusion and average dessert too. Not bad though but nothing special either.

My aburi salmon (lightly grilled salmon) served in a bowl of rice with some vegies and mayo and wasabi as dipping.

Aburi Salmon bowl

First time tried Unagi chahan (eel fried rice) topped with sesame and dried seaweed, I couldnt find a single bit of unagi meat on my rice, so where did the unagi go?

Unagi Chahan (Eel fried rice)

The Omurice (omelet rice) sauce tastes more like a spaghetti for me even (again) not bad though.


Miss Zane said...

Hey, seems you eat Japanese food quite often ..
Man, I just had my dinner and now I'm thinking spaghetti thanks to your Omelette

gulf said...

everything is average??
I think you didn't like this restaurant.this attempt is not success,right?
but,the pics are beauty!

Rashai said...

Miss Zane, any favorite Italiano restaurant in town? Bon appetite!

Gulf, I've been trying not to put a negative feedback on my blog :) Glad to have you back!

草(sou) said...

hi Rahashi,
The Omurice seems to be delicious!
Omelette with rice that hangs the white sauce is delicious,too:)

Miss Zane said...

What's wrong with negative feedback ?
Food goers would highly appreciate it, and in case owners read than it'll be such a valuable feedback..
or Is it not ?

Rashai said...

Miss Zane, you're rite I just try to put it in a nice way unless it's way too..disappointed :)