Thursday, July 30, 2009

Japan City

Japan city is a franchise retail selling a huge range of Japan-related product from giftware to small furniture, from ocha (green tea) to Japanese remedies and from noren to yukata. Noren is a traditional Japanese fabric divider, hung between room or in doorways while yukata is a casual summer kimono, girls wearing yukata are common sight at Natsu matsuri (summer fesvital) in Japan.

Back to Japan City, there are several stores accross the city and those in The Galleries Victoria and World Square shopping centre are the ones I usually browse around for window shopping or when I just want to satisfy my eyes with some cute Japanese crafts and homewares. There are only a few things I ever bought from this store but last week we got a beautiful dinner set from friends as a present and yes they got it from Japan City, these friends do know my 'taste' and passion.

Here is the Aoi Hana (literally means blue flower) Dinner set comes with a set of chopstiks.

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