Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ayam Goreng Tulang Lunak

Ayam goreng tulang lunak (Soft-bone fried chicken) is a deep fried chicken with edible crispy bones. I tend to make a fuss about eating fried chicken when it comes to washing my hand but neither toilet or hand washer available in the restaurant, so this soft-bone cuisine is a fuss free since I can easyly use spoon and fork to eat the whole chicken with all the bones, and surely there will be no left-over bones for a big eater.

This morning I made my way to this Indonesian restaurant located in Jones street, Ultimo-Sydney. They serve a range of Indonesian food from Gado-gado (vegetables with peanut dressing) to 'cah kangkung' (stir fried water cres) but the one caught my intention was this Soft-bone fried chicken, so I ordered a special set comprises soft-bone fried chicken, rice, 'sambal' (Indonesian chili sauce), and 'sayur asem' (sour dish or tamarind dish), a popular Indonesian vegetable soup which is a perfect compliment for fried chicken.

Soft-bone fried chicken

And yes I did eat the whole chicken with all the bones, yum... :) It's not merely because I am a big eater but some says that bone is a great source of calcium and iron which is important for our body, or is it just an excuse?

ATL Maranatha has moved to: 61 Todman avenue Kensington (corner of Todman ave and Baker st)

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草(sou) said...

Hi Rashai,
A delicious and healthy soup are wonderful. The bone seems to be also delicious:)